Getting Started

Whether you’ve been scrambling to deploy your cloud servers and apps faster, or you’re still trying to figure out what the heck a cloud server is, you’ve found your way to vpsmodel. Everything is simpler here, we promise. Starting with our getting started guide...

Account FAQs

You can log in to the vpsmodel Control Panel on the login page. You know the drill.

I forgot my password?

You can request a password reset email from the login page by following the Forgot Password link or by going directly to the password reset page.

I lost access to the email account I use for vpsmodel

If you have lost access to the email account you use with your vpsmodel account, first try restoring access to your email account by contacting your email administrator, renewing your domain’s registration, or setting up another email server.

If you have gone through these steps and cannot regain access to the email account, please contact our support team for help.

I didn’t receive a password reset email

Email generally arrives quickly. If you haven’t received email within a few minutes:

Make sure you’re checking the right email address.

Look in your spam folder for a message titled Password Reset. If you find the message there, you may want to add and to your email whitelist. If your email client needs it, be sure you’ve actively checked for new mail. If you still don’t have a reset email, contact our support team.

Sign up for a vpsmodel account

Visit the sign up page, where you can enter your email address and your password, you will need to verify your email address using the email automatically sent to you.

Note: vpsmodel’s terms of service prohibit creating new accounts and accessing existing accounts from OFAC-sanctioned countries. For more information, including a list of countries, see the Lawful Use of the Network section in our terms of service.

Account Verification

Account verification is automatic and happens usually within 30 days of opening and using your account. Under some circumstances, you may be asked to provide photo ID. After you become a verified user, you are able to manually charge your credit card by using the Pay now button on your billing page.

Account Cancellation

You can cancel your account from the Settings page by clicking Deactivate Account. Before you can completely deactivate an account, you’ll need to destroy its active Droplets and resolve any outstanding billing.


vpsmodel uses a subscription-based pricing model. This means that, upon creating your first server, you will be charged immediately for a one-month subscription for one server of the size you have selected.

A subscription allows you to have one instance at that plan level online for one month of time. If the server is destroyed before that month is up, you can create another server on the same plan without incurring any additional expenses until the subscription expires.

At the end of one month, any unused subscriptions will expire.

Subscriptions are pro-rated through the end of the current month unless there are 5 or fewer days left in this month: In that case, you are pro-rated for those 5 days and charged for the upcoming month.

At the end of the subscription period, you will be charged again for the upcoming month. If you have no active servers,you will not be charged anything.


The Security page of your account lets you configure two-factor authentication.

In the two-factor authentication section, you can:

    • Enable two-factor authentication.
    • Choose between SMS or an Authenticator App as the authentication method.
    • Enable a backup method for when you don’t have access to your phone.
    • Choose between using SMS to another phone number or backup codes as your backup method.
    • Disable two-factor authentication.

How to get support

We’re committed to making sure that you have the best experience you possibly can using vpsmodel. That’s why our customer success team checks in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

We’re here for you with personal support, all day, every day, no matter what you need.