Easy one-click-install Wordpress

Creating a one-click Wordpress installer

From the beginning, we've focused on creating the best and easiest WordPress hosting solution.

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One-click Wordpress installer, but better

We've empowered developers all over the world with the greatest hosting possible on fast cloud servers.

We've brought the simplicity of one-click WordPress to vpsmodel.

The Pain of WordPress Server Images

Though one-click WordPress images offered by server providers are a quick way to get started, they're full of disadvantages. WordPress images leave people stuck with a server they can't manage. From security updates, to SSL deployment, to configuring multiple sites on a server, to changing PHP versions, WordPress images require manual administration that is far from simple.

Additionally, WordPress images often require servers with a large amount of memory just to launch them. And despite the additional resources and cost, the same server configurations from the shared hosting industry are used. Apache is still the public-facing web server. PHP still runs using mod_php instead of PHP-FPM.

With vpsmodel's simplified installer and one-click WordPress, developers no longer have a reason to get stuck with WordPress server images.

Automatic vpsmodel Installer

To launch at server to vpsmodel, just choose your size and area and we´ll do the rest. A minute later, you'll have a managed server ready for hosting.

One-Click WordPress Installer

When creating an app, check WordPress and enter your WordPress site title and WordPress admin account info. That's it! vpsmodel will create your app with WordPress already installed for you.

Create your first cloud server in seconds

Hosting your Wordpress site on it´s own vpsmodel cloud server brings much more security and for sure makes your site run a lot faster from the start. Within a minute you could be up and running your Wordpress sites on a fast, secure cloud server. Just give it a try.

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