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Wordpress security screenshot

Wordpress Security

Wordpress security and of course cloud server security in general has been our greatest focus when we started building vpsmodel.

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Screenshot of too many Wordpress plugins

How many Wordpress plugins are too many

Wordpress plugins can be just what your site needs but you have to carefull what you wish for.

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Screenshot of speeding up Wordpress

How to make your Wordpress site run faster

Here at vpsmodel we focus on security and speed ever since we started building but you also have to put in the work.

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Reducing Wordpress Memory usage

Guide to reducing Wordpress memory usage

Every server has a limited amount of memory, also known as RAM, which is related to many factors. In this blog we´ll show you how to reduce it.

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One-click Wordpress. But better.

From the beginning, we've focused on creating the best and easiest WordPress hosting solution.

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Howto run a security scan on your Wordpress blog

How to run security scans on your Wordpress site

Millions attacks on WordPress websites every hour, so Akismet says. Hence, your site is likely being attacked. Running a Wordpress security scan for vulnerabilities helps keeping hackers outside.

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