Deploy a cloud server for free.

Launch a cloud server for free

In these extremely difficult times, we’d like to offer our support to the businesses and startups who like everybody suffer from COVID-19 across the globe. We now announce a new, first month no-commitment free trial so you can launch a cloud server for free.

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Get started with cloud server hosting for free

Launching a cloud server for free is a small gesture from our side in order to enable businesses and startups to move their infrastructure to the fastest and most secure platform which we know it is.

Nothing beats hosting Wordpress and PHP apps on cloud servers, and while business is probably slow at these times it could be a good idea to take a look at your current hosting management and server performance. Speed and security is very important for your site and it is exactly what we at vpsmodel focus on.

Deploy your first cloud server for free

By far most sites are hosted on shared hosting servers. This is a chance for your. Hosting your site on it´s own vpsmodel cloud server brings much more security and for sure makes your site run a lot faster from the start. Within a minute you could be up and running your sites on a fast, secure cloud server, free of charge. Just give it a try. And if, for any reason, you don’t think that vpsmodel is the best way for your business to handle server management — if it doesn’t make your team more productive and your customers happier — then you won’t pay a dime.

Create an account and launch a cloud server in 45 seconds

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“Switching to vpsmodel gave us a 10x speedup. Our developers love it.”
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“We saved a lot on hosting costs.”

All plans include:

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Hosting Control Panel
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Private VPSes
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Free SSL
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One-Click WordPress
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