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Building a styled landing page with Tailwind css

Developers use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to style websites. But often, when building large websites or apps, it becomes tedious to write these rules from scratch. This is why there are multiple CSS frameworks to help make writing CSS easy, such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Pure, Materialize, etc.

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Calling all tech savvy peeps: share your knowledge!

We would love to see you reflect on how your business is growing and how you are growing as a developer – and give back to the community by sharing what you have learned. So today we are inviting you to write a post on growing your business, Wordpress or DEV about your experience using vpsmodel´s cloud.

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Top 5 Startup Articles

I’m going to share 5 articles that have made a big impact on me. Even if they don’t directly address issues you’re dealing with today, I hope you’ll bookmark them so that you can lean on them someday when you need them most.

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Important tips for webmasters

To help you, here are some important things we think you should take a look at. It´s always a smart time to make personal reflections; for webmasters, however, it’s also always good time to look back at what you need when it comes to managing your website.

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Choosing a cloud hosting provider

Moving to cloud hosting is becoming increasingly popular with over 60% of larger companies now using it to carry out IT-related tasks. It’s ability to reduce costs by removing capital expenditure and through outsourcing IT management to the service provider has made it especially appealing.

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Scheduling scripts using cron

The most common way to automatically run scripts at scheduled times is through cron. For example, you can use cron to make scheduled web requests to a specific URL on your website.

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How to build a brand at low cost

Creating a successful brand means establishing your company’s name and reputation and getting consumers to relate to your values, products and services.

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